Alesis Recital Review

Have you been scanning for an extraordinary home digital piano that won't break the bank?Are you an expert artist needing a versatile 88-key digital piano for your gigs?

Regardless of whether you're a gigging star or are essentially thinking about exercises for yourself or your family, this keyboard can do everything.

Let's be honest – most digital pianos and compact keyboards that either have an excessive number of highlights (bringing about a bigger size and heftier sticker price) or not almost enough (leaving you with slim sounding keys or an absence of accessible voices).

The Alesis Recital is smooth, including five unmistakable voices you can choose with the bit of a catch.

There's no befuddling programming jumbling up the essence of the piano, and the semi-weighted keys with movable touch reaction enable your elements to sparkle.


  • Voices: 5 built-in
  • Polyphony: 128 Voices
  • Keys: 88 full-sized, semi-weighted
  • Speakers: (2) 10W Woofers & (2) 20W Tweeters
  • Weight: 15.7 lbs (7.1 kg)


You will discover the keyboard recorded as one of the top highlights in huge numbers of our digital piano surveys, (for example, here and here). We incorporate this element so regularly on the grounds that it is fundamental to a well-developed digital piano. What's more, the Alesis Recital is the same.

Alesis' Recital accompanies a full-sized keyboard of eighty-eight keys. The keys are all semi-weighted and a similar length and width of those on an acoustic piano. In addition, this style of key plan requires an a lot lighter touch than a completely weighted keyboard. Along these lines, with this key arrangement, Alesis has planned a keyboard that will fit in with lighting playing styles.

The semi-weighted nature of the keys is the one downside to the keyboard on the Alesis Recital. Look at the completely weighted or reviewed weighted keys like those on the Yamaha YDP 103 for another kind of keyboard. The light weight keys of the Alesis Recital are ideal for fledglings or youngsters. Be that as it may, they might be diverting for the accomplished player.

Feel & Sensitivity

When you know about the size of the keys and are happy with playing around, the following basic experience is the vibe of the keys. The Alesis Recital for Beginners is a semi-weighted keyboard meaning while at the same time playing the weight required on the keys is equivalent to that required in an excellent piano. Be that as it may, the keys likewise have spring connected, which encourages them return when you discharge the key.

The skip related with the keys of a genuine acoustic piano is anyway because of the completely weighted keys. This model is near the experience however not the total one of a terrific piano, which is structured remembering the intended interest group of the new students, as acclimation is the aphorism.

The keys of the Alesis recital have a fantastic flexible touch responsive keys just as speed affectability enabling the client to discover their customary range of familiarity with a couple of minor changes. The customizable key affectability alludes to the change of the key volume as indicated by the weight applied by the player.

Educational Features

Alesis is focused on showing the piano just as selling items. In this way, they have incorporated various instructive highlights with their Recital. In particular, you can pick between the standard, split, layer, and exercise modes.

The greater part of these modes are standard on numerous digital pianos. In any case, the exercise mode adds another component to the Alesis Recital. The exercise mode separates the Recital's keyboard into two zones. Every one of these regions has a similar pitch and voice. This enables an instructor and understudy to play similar notes simultaneously; encouraging learning.

Furthermore, the Alesis Recital incorporates a three-month membership to Skoove. Skoove is a help that gives intuitive online piano exercises. After the three-month preliminary, you can decide to proceed with your participation or drop it. Presently you don't require an educator. The Alesis Recital instructs you to seem like an expert.

Sound Quality

For a keyboard intended to provide food for tenderfoots, the Alesis Recital gloats of not a couple but rather five particular voices and figures out how to convey them incredibly. The feature highlight of this model is the various sounds that it permits the clients (Acoustic Piano, Organ, Synth, Electric Piano and Bass).

As is obvious, this range is something that can cover the greater part of the necessities of learners just as experts, albeit an expert may anticipate in excess of five sounds. Our board of specialists particularly prescribes looking at the Organ mode which comes as near the sensible sound.

The benefit of utilizing the Alesis Recital model is that it not just enables you to make music in various voices or blending them yet additionally settings like reverb and chorale to combine your sounds exactly as you would prefer. This is a component that makes this model loved by specialists and learners the same.

Alesis Recital accompanies two inherent 20W speakers that are sufficient for training just as cozy social events. The sound can additionally be enhanced by associating outside speakers with the stereo RCA yields accessible. In the event that you need to have a quiet learning exercise without anyone else's input, the model likewise takes into account your need with the ¼" (6.34mm) stereo earphone yield.


On the off chance that you need a digital piano with a great deal of network, at that point the Alesis Recital is the item for you. It accompanies various data sources and yields. These incorporate a ¼ inch support pedal info, ¼ inch stereo earphone yield, and stereo RCA yields.

Every one of these availability highlights gives significant advantages to you, the player. Appending a support pedal makes the Alesis Recital play like an acoustic piano. It likewise enables you to take a shot at that extremely significant pedal method. The earphone yield enables you to rehearse as much as you need without disturbing anybody. At long last, the RCA yields imply that you can interface a recorder, blender, intensifier, or other sound arrangement of your decision.


  • Piano sounds on this keyboard are very regular and all around adjusted. The lower notes are on the left, the higher on the right, and the center is all around focused also.
  • Keys – Undoubtedly, the feature of the instrument - the full size, semi-weighted keys guarantee that even as a novice one gets the genuine experience of playing a real piano. Additionally, the training on this causes one to acquaint rapidly with a real piano when they progress to it. 
  • The exercise mode is broad and clearly all around considered. Any learner would think that its exceptionally simple to pursue regardless of whether they've never observed a piano. 
  • Transportability – The simplicity of bearing it, combined with the battery operability make it an appealing choice for novices just as experts.


  • It comes with the basics but don’t expect any off the more advanced add-ons you find on higher end models.
  • Sound Distortion in the Built-in Speakers – If the piano is being played with the implicit speakers above 80% of their volume, the low and high sounds will in general get contorted. This can without much of a stretch be corrected by interfacing outside speakers, yet at the same time works adversely for the model.


The Alesis Recital is great in case you're an apprentice. Furthermore, to us, its most noteworthy component is its exercise mode. It's so broad and clearly very much considered.

Presently, the Alesis Recital comes with its constraints very okay. In any case, we must state that at the cost, you'd barely discover a console in the same class as what Alesis offers in the Alesis Recital.

Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano / Keyboard

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