Assault AirBike Review

The Assault AirBike is a smash hit exercise bicycle for all out body preparing. It's a one of a kind machine that supports any quality dimension (the fan air obstruction framework adjusts to client exertion) and dissimilar to most exercise bicycles, it includes moving arm bars for complete body preparing. These arm bars can likewise be utilized while you rest your legs. This strong fan bicycle is a favored physical mentor in the US military and is likewise well known for home use. It fits grown-ups and kids alike, and everybody can profit by its preset exercise programs. These projects bolster interim preparing and objectives for time, separate, calorie consume, and pulse. Pulse can be observed remotely with any Polar perfect chest lash.


The console on this bicycle likewise inspired us colossally, as it includes the most recent LCD innovation. The display is easy to read, it's super-clear, and the screen itself includes a wide range of information input with respect to your exercise, so you can find unmistakably more about your preparation propensities than you may have at first figured it out.

Clients can screen their pulses, RPM times, calories consumed, remove voyaged, and substantially more other than. The majority of this in a smooth, minimized, and beautiful heads-up display.


Utilized regularly by military work force, just as CrossFit competitors, the Assault Air Bike is worked to last. With handlebars produced using 13-measure steel, a covered high malleable steel casing to forestall rust, and the fan itself highlighting 20 fixed metal rollers, it's no big surprise why clients have been so awed with the general quality and feel of this bicycle.

Since it is so strong the bicycle remains flawlessly stationary as you work out, regardless of whether you are truly stretching yourself as far as possible. This implies there is no flexing or wobbling, so you have a sense of security, strong, and secure as you train. Clients can even utilize it while standing on the off chance that they so wish. There are even 4 levelers situated underneath the stabilizer bars, so the bicycle can be leveled out on a moderately uneven surface.

Resistance Options

By a long shot, a standout amongst the most amazing things about this air bicycle is the opposition choices it gives clients. There is no compelling reason to press catches, bend dials, or program PC screens on the presentation unit.

This is on the grounds that obstruction is given by a 27-inch fan which is fueled as clients pedal. The quicker a client pedals, the more opposition is made and the harder the exercise moves toward becoming. The slower they pedal, the simpler the exercise is on the grounds that less obstruction is made.

This ideal for keeping up the ideal beat during your exercises, regardless of whether you are performing interim based HIIT sessions, or gradual continuance riding.

To sweeten the deal even further, clients get only a tad bit of the air from the fan on their countenances, so it keeps them decent and cool as they pedal.

Adjustable Sea

The Assault AirBike has a movable seat to fit a wide scope of statures. The bicycle seat can tilt and moves both on a level plane and vertically. Pop stick handles make changes effectively. The seat is additionally molded for solace during long exercises.

Full Body Workouts

Not at all like most exercise bicycles the Assault AirBike is an all out body coach. Its mobile handlebars can build your calorie consume while conditioning your arms, chest, back and bears. The excellent bars are worked with 2 mm steel tubing.

Workout Programs

Train with direction from programmable exercises. Whichever program you pick, the Assault AirBike can meet your exertion level to convey the perfect measure of test with its turbo fan control. Train your entire body or simply utilize the moving arm bars. The AirBike's three interim program names are 20/10 Interval, 10/20 Interval, and Custom Interval. The objective projects are named Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate. Manual mode is additionally an alternative. During each instructional meeting, the information screen shows section time, absolute time, separate, speed, RPM, watts and pulse.

Heart Rate Monitoring

A Polar-good remote pulse beneficiary is incorporated. Wireless chest straps are sold separately.


  • Steel frame
  • Agreeable and customizable seat
  • Mechanical quality pedal wrenches
  • Can utilize arm bars alone or joined with accelerating
  • Unending obstruction levels from 27" fan
  • Remote pulse recipient
  • Eight exercise programs
  • High client weight limit (350 pounds)
  • Exceptionally low upkeep
  • Aggressive guarantee


  • Not foldable or reduced
  • Transportation costs additional


It's among the most sturdy exercise bicycles available and is measured to fit for all intents and purposes anybody serenely. While it very well may be utilized for light recovery, the bicycle has boundless opposition potential as well. You will never exceed this machine regardless of what your quality. This bicycle is prescribed for home exercise rooms and business wellness focuses alike

Assault AirBike

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