Casio WK-6600 Review

Perfect for artists out and about, this exceptionally compact Casio WK-6600 is a two-level touch responsive 76 key digital console piano and adaptable workstation that works nearly just as a little digital piano or console as it does a synthesizer. What's more, with its extraordinarily little sticker price, the estimation of the Casio WK-6600 can't be beat.


The Casio WK6600 is a shockingly fit digital console with a ton of highlights to cherish. It has 76 touch-touchy piano-style keys, fueled by the Casio AHL sound motor. It has a colossal 700 instrument tone library, alongside 210 implicit rhythms, and the reverb and chorale impacts one would discover in a top of the line console.

It additionally makes some genuine memories 16 track tune sequencer and a 32 channel blender, so you can test, alter, and blend directly on the console. With a pitch twist wheel, a wide scope of controllers, and incredible enlistment memory and one-contact settings, you can even take this console in front of an audience, and utilize the installed speakers with the Bass Reflex System, or interface outer speakers to impart your music to the world.


The Casio WK6600 is versatile, at 17.4 pounds without batteries, and under 47 inches in length, so you can utilize it at home, in front of an audience, or even outside with battery power. It has 76 full-size touch touchy keys, or you can kill contact affectability for predictable volume paying little mind to playing strategy.

The splendid illuminated LCD screen to makes it simple to utilize the console in any lighting conditions.

Plenty of effects

The impacts that are executed in this digital piano are really awesome. All the clients can pick between 10 reverb types, DSP and 5 tune impacts. As it were, the digital piano offers you a lot of impacts you can utilize while playing and make the music you absolutely need.

Step Up Lesson

One more element that demonstrates the WK-6600 is indicating loads of affection to the amateurs. This board highlights more than one hundred pre-modified tunes. Players of any expertise level can initiate this setting for guided playing.

The LCD board will show you how to play them by demonstrating which key to strike. The framework even gives tips on appropriate rhythm and fingering methods. Presently, to be reasonable, this framework unquestionably won't have the option to supplant exercises. In any case, it will fill in as a decent beneficial asset.


It has the Casio Dual-component AHL sound framework for extraordinary quality and smooth waveforms. The console has 700 worked in instrument tones, and a 10 tone manager for characterizing your own.

In like manner, the 210 installed rhythms have 10 client characterized rhythms and a mood editorial manager. It has 48 max levels of polyphony, alongside reverb, tune, and equalizers to control the sound.

Onboard Recorder

Another advantage of consoles is that they make it extremely simple to record your playing. This is another office where the 6600 flourishes. You get a seventeen-track recording limit. All that anyone could need space to record the entirety of your music.

This is really a greater limit than you may get with a portion of the better quality choices out there, which is consistently decent. Sliders and handles guarantee that the fun doesn't stop with basically recording your music. You can likewise modify it voluntarily to create music that you truly love.


It has double layer and part console capacities, so you can play various instruments with each hand or offer the console alongside another player. It has 100 preset and 100 client characterized DSP. Locally available controls give you an assortment of auto fill settings.

The WK6600 has a locally available melody sequencer with 16 client tracks and 1 framework track, supporting up to 5 tunes. The sequencer has continuous account, step recording, and melody, track, and occasion altering.

It has a 32 channel blender that bolsters a line in for amplifiers. It has a pitch twist wheel with 0 to 24 semitones. It has extraordinary adjustable settings, with 50 client presets in enrollment memory and 200 One Touch Presets, to immediately set and reestablish your preferred sounds.

USB connection

Is anything but another component, however it is certainly a significant one. The unit offers a USB port which encourages you with interfacing it with a PC. It will likewise assist you with MIDI associations. The USB space is attachment and play, implying that there is no compelling reason to introduce extra drivers or to finish convoluted procedures.

Who is it for?

The Casio WK6600 is a reasonable, flexible console for trying or middle of the road level digital performers and arrangers. For experts, it can likewise be a conservative instrument perfect for taking out and about with you. With a locally available sequencer, mixer , and pitch twist wheel, you can make and play out an immense scope of melodies, sounds, and styles, in a reduced and lightweight console. The locally available speakers with bass improvement offer extraordinary sound all alone, or interface it to outer speakers for more prominent volume.

The Casio WK6600 is certifiably not an incredible decision for supreme fledglings, since it doesn't have any locally available exercise capacities, and it can require a significant stretch of time to figure out how to explore all the highlights and settings. Be that as it may, for digital performers who need to extend past their entrance level console, this is a phenomenal decision.


  • Reasonable
  • Sound quality
  • Incredible for recording
  • Current structure
  • USB port


  • Hard to explore interface


In our Casio WK-6600 survey, We like the sound quality, the structure and the nearness of valuable highlights, for example, USB port and SD space. Odds are high that you will like them also.

Casio WK-6600

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