Edifier R1280DB Review

The Edifier R1280DB is a couple of controlled speakers planned basically for use with work area PCs. Nonetheless, they additionally loan themselves well to giving a simple sound lift to a TV or a one-stop Hi-Fi arrangement.

With simple and computerized inputs, Bluetooth availability and a controller, they're anything but difficult to set up and sensibly adaptable as well. Also, with a complete force yield of 42W, they have a lot of intensity on tap.


The R1280DB is practically indistinguishable from its antecedent which is certainly not an awful thing by any means. In spite of their minimal effort, the speakers feel positively built and draw looks with their exquisite wooden side boards. They're reduced for a shelf speaker, fitting a PC arrangement similarly well. Also, their great plan guarantee coinciding with each tasteful. Edifier likewise offer the R1280DB in dark which better suits current settings.

Defensive texture confuses come pre-introduced from production line, however they're just cut set up and effortlessly eliminated. This uncovers the double driver woofer + tweeter arrangement underneath and front-terminating bass port. Abstractly I discover the speakers more attractive and a little more clear when astound less, however this is more a subject of individual inclination.

As this is a functioning speaker requiring no outer enhancer, the entirety of the gadgets are lodging inside the correct unit. The control plot continues as before as in the past, with 3 dials on its correct face and contributions on its back. The correct speaker has an IR beneficiary on the front for the remote far off, however the status LED stays on the correct side which can be hard to see when set on a rack.

The controls feel smooth and very much weighted, giving the capacity to tailor bass and high pitch amount to taste, or to suit the acoustics of the client's specific arrangement. This empowers clients to accomplish a reasonable sound in rooms of contrasting volume and make up for the bass increments experienced with corner position.

Notwithstanding inputs, the back houses a force switch and two spring stacked yields that convey sound to one side slave speaker. As is normal with Edifier speakers the force link is fixed which can warrant the utilization of an augmentation link or connector for global purchasers.

Build Quality

Numerous studio screens at this value point appear as though they have been rushed out by a visually impaired individual. Fortunately that isn't the situation with the Edifier R1280DB.

The wood grain finish isn't genuine wood. It is the standard MDF board with a vinyl wrap. Notwithstanding this, they despite everything feel strong and powerful. I don't suggest you be unpleasant with these yet they will last the separation.

They likewise accompany an additional controller. This is unordinary for studio screens and focuses to the longing to speak to both expert and easygoing audience members. Sadly, the high form nature of the speaker doesn't continue to the far off. While not unpleasant it is wobbly. You additionally can't program another far off to work with these so you'll be left with it.

Sound Quality

These speakers sound incredible, Edifier has worked admirably at giving a brilliant listening experience – I love tuning in to music on these speakers. The speakers give profound bass, extraordinary quality mid and incredible clearness for the higher high pitch frequencies. The blend generally speaking sounds excellent and, at the cost, the listening experience is commendable.

In the wake of utilizing studio screen speakers for a long time, the speakers sound phenomenal for tuning in to music, the underlying thing that struck me about these speakers is exactly how low the bass can go. It took a few minutes to conform to the speakers be that as it may, after numerous long periods of tuning in, I believe they're extraordinary. Edifier has worked superbly at tuning the speakers to give a dynamic and energizing listening experience while as yet sounding normal.

Over the two speakers, they have a consolidated 42-watts of all out force – bringing about them getting noisy when you need to occupy the room. In the case of nothing is playing, the speakers work admirably at alleviating any murmuring sounds that I have encountered with different speakers, when there's nothing playing the speakers are quiet.


It's here that the R1280DB most withdraws from its forerunner, offering unmistakably greater adaptability with input. The most outstanding expansion is Bluetooth, empowering remote streaming. Furthermore, likewise with past Edifier speakers, matching and association are both straightforward and solid. When controlled on and set to BT from the distant, the speakers enter blending mode. They additionally auto-reconnect with the last matched gadget where a few speakers don't.

When matched, the speakers conveyed dependable sound with no falter or discontinuity. Range is acceptable, they won't remain associated between rooms, yet effectively have enough range to allow position on higher racks or across bigger rooms. Despite the fact that they don't uphold low-idleness adept x, inertness wasn't an issue during my testing. The speakers were effectively adequate for movies and recordings with pleasantly matched up exchange.

The expansion of Bluetooth opens up a couple of different prospects also. As the speakers currently have an inbuilt DAC, they presently acknowledge an optical information, ideal for TV yet in addition for those hoping to crush some additional sound quality from their arrangement. We likewise have a computerized coaxial info which works comparatively with sources that don't uphold optical.


The Edifier R1280DB is a fascinating alternative with regards to the studio screen space. For those searching for included remote availability, they are an appealing alternative (regardless of whether it's a piece fiddly). Permitting them to be associated with a scope of gadgets is a degree of adaptability not seen in most studio screens. Going past that, the strong sound quality when coordinated with a noteworthy rundown of highlights is additionally convincing. At the point when you factor in the value point I can solidly prescribe these to anybody hoping to get a moderate yet quality pair of studio screens.

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

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