Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage Review

With regards to outfitting your home exercise center with what will most likely be its biggest single speculation, you have to ensure that you're getting a unit that is capable. One of the most prominent power racks for home use is the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Rack. This quality rack gives you the certainty to perform substantial power moves like squats, deadlifts, and rack pulls securely, in any event, when there's nobody else around to spot you.

Solid Construction

For a spending home power rack, the 810XLT is a stunningly strong unit. It is produced using two-inch square steel tubing, giving a strong, steady, vigorous base from which to play out your truly difficult work developments. The chrome plating on the casing adds an additional measurement to the quality of the unit. The base is incredibly steady and you won't have any issues with parallel development when you're doing your substantial rack pulls. Draw ups are additionally strong on the 810XLT. A couple of strength bars at the back finish of the seat upgrade the solidness of the unit.

The seat that accompanies this rack is likewise firmly built. It is produced using solid, powder covered cylindrical steel. The seat sits unequivocally and won't give you any precariousness issues when going substantial with the bar or free weights.

Pillar To Pillar Depth

A base profundity of around 23-24″ between columns is satisfactory, it should give you enough forward and in reverse space for bar travel, enabling you to twist the free weight serenely, which is exactly what the 810XLT has, so an approval here, that is incredible to see from a passage level power rack.

The 810XLT is a shut power rack, this is actually what weight lifters are searching for, it helps give the rack that additional solidness and unbending nature and critically takes into account a jaw up bar.

Open top racks are incredible for standing presses however don't give you the choice for a jaw up bar, we certainly needn't bother with an open top rack.

Note: This rack is very tall at 83.5″, it isn't reasonable for low roofs, additionally plate stockpiling will be on the back of this rack so it won't be conceivable to store against the divider on the off chance that you purchase the plate stockpiling overhaul.

Hole Spacing

The 810XLT gives you 28 gap spacings here and there the length of the uprights. This gives you a lot of alternatives to the extent bar arrangement goes, from low deadlift stature to high overhead squeezing. Be that as it may, the rack doesn't pursue the Westside opening dividing example of inch removing during the seat press zone and 2 creeps above and underneath that zone – it has standard two-inch separation all through.


800lb weight limit is very great for a power rack costing under $250 bucks, aside from the outrageous lifters among us, there won't be many requiring a weight limit higher than 800lbs. So this rack ought to be fit to nearly anybody from learner to cutting edge with regards to the weight limit.

The weight limit is this present rack's fundamental selling highlight and it's something that will make this an extremely famous rack among a wide range of weightlifters.

Who Is This Rack For

Pretty much any individual who is hoping to climb from hand weight preparing to some heavier weight free weight rack work, and in view of its magnificent weight limit of 800lb even propelled coaches ought to have the option to get some overwhelming hand weight work out of this rack.

You can perform squats, pull-ups, slant squeezes, level seat, shoulder shrugs and a huge amount of different activities with your rack, making it an extremely flexible bit of home rec center hardware.

Safty ought to be your main need when lifting substantial weight loads, so does this rack meet wellbeing desires? Indeed with 23" gets for wellbeing that is double mounted and two 3.25" security pins, everything remains set up.

With two additional help bars fixed to the back of the cage, making the rack significantly increasingly steady, you should ideally have less wobble than a portion of the other spending racks.

Note: Stabilizer bars can obstruct certain situations of your flexible weight seat and can be an impediment to your feet when unracking the hand weight for squats or squeezing developments. I haven't read any grumblings concerning this rack and stabilizer bars.


  • Fitness Reality rack can hold up to 800 lb
  • Stable durable structure 
  • Easy to assemble
  • 1 year guarantee 


  • Requires a great deal of room and with the plate stockpiling it must be put away from the divider
  • May be unreasonably short for individuals more than 6-foot tall


An all around estimated power rack from Fitness Reality, with a weight limit of 800lb, the Fitness Reality 810 rack will suit most weightlifters, I like to see alternatives for significant additional items, for example, plate holders and plunge bars, they are positively something you will get a lot of utilization from and are normally saved for top of the line racks.

In general an all around manufactured power rack, ideal for your home exercise center hand weight exercises, at a value most can bear.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

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