Innova ITX9900 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table Review

Inversion treatment seems like a genuinely present day idea, yet this couldn't possibly be more off-base. This procedure has been utilized for more than 1000 years to treat back torment and sciatica issues.

Inversion treatment is the point at which your body is suspended topsy turvy with the point of extending your spine to alleviate back torment. The thought behind this procedure is to move the body's gravity in this way dialing the weight down your back. What's more, this position is made conceivable by utilizing distinctive hardware including an inversion table.


You're probably going to be intrigued by the strong form nature of this model which is among its top of the line highlights. The Innova ITX9900 inversion table is made of solid check steel. These cylinders promise you a tough and dependable item.


The genuine equalization and ergonomic lower legs will let you upset without any problem. Your back will feel progressively comfortable on the pleasantly cushioned backrest. There is a major holder at the front and a little holder at the rear of the ergonomic lower leg plan. With the goal that you will feel much less weight on your lower leg during your inversion.

The greatest client weight limit is determined as 300 pounds with the heavy-measure steel cylinder and individuals between the statures of 4'10" and 6'6" can upset on this unit serenely. With the two-way modification you can modify both your stature and the headrest and see the ideal gravity place as ready to upset effectively and easily.

Preceding the utilization of this inversion table you ought to ask your authorized medicinal services supplier as individuals with certain clinical issues ought not utilize this unit. If you don't mind read the guidelines and security alerts for set-up and utilization of this inversion table, and not go just with what's on the Amazon item page. What's more, you can generally contact the client service group with any inquiries you may have. It is regular for lower leg bolsters not to be comfortable on a significant number of the inversion tables however that isn't the situation with the Innova ITX9900.

This model is secured with appropriate wellbeing highlights, double lower leg clips, a comfortable board, backrest and headrest, a long lock-discharge switch for feet and an adjustable lumbar help. You don't have to twist right down after you're finished transforming, because of the more extended lock-discharge foot switch.

And the entirety of this is offered at a truly sensible cost. It can require some investment to assemble the unit all alone however is sufficiently simple to do as long as you adhere to the directions. At the ease level the Innova ITX9900 is difficult to beat and offers excellent incentive for cash. It accompanies a guarantee of one year by Innova and you can have a genuine feelings of serenity that client care will assist you with any issues you may have.

Lumbar Support

The table is intended to give you that truly necessary lumbar help. It includes an innovative air lumbar cushion. This part you can control and change the degree of help you need from the cushion at some random time.

The huge cushioned backrest will likewise give you that genuinely necessary additional help. The backrest combined with extravagantly delicate handlebars will give a comfortable hold and simple inversion. It's solace as far as possible

Safety Features

Each individual has various necessities and prerequisites when utilizing such wellness hardware. This is the reason the model is intended to permit you to locate your ideal gravity position during inversion.

Not at all like the more seasoned models which include an obsolete tie, this unit is intended to effectively alter.

The table fuses the 2-way alteration framework which permits you to change the headrest cushion to suit your solace levels. You can even change the tallness of the table contingent upon your weight and body type.

This model highlights the progressive True Balance framework which is intended to make inversion fast and basic. You'll welcome the ergonomic structure which reduces the weight from your lower legs while upset. Your feet will be comfortable during use on account of being secured an extraordinary way: there are front and back holders. The bended state of the holders keeps your feet secure without harming or making uneasiness.

You're ensured sheltered, steady and solid execution when utilizing this item.


Innova Health and wellness inversion table is the best brand in the market. This inversion table obliges clients of a most extreme load of 300lbs. Moreover, it is furnished with a 6-pin edge choice framework to empower you to pick the point you need to have for your activity. Likewise, it is from top notch steel materials to abstain from rusting and enhance its solidness. The backrest cushion and headrest are intended for a comfortable inversion work out. The handlebars are from delicate materials for a decent grasp when working out. During an inversion, your lower legs are likewise completely secured.

Innova ITX9900 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table

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