Intex 15ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Review

Over the ground pools do come in different sizes, and the organization Intex ensures there is something for everybody, notwithstanding their yard size. With some budgetary arranging, you have the chance to spend on something that you will use for some summers to keep you cool and engaged. That said the costs are very moderate to such an extent that you should think about getting one following perusing this article.

Here, we will audit the Intex 15 x 48 easy set pool. As you read along, remember that it accompanies a bit by bit DVD that causes you set up. You can take your gadget of decision with you outside and watch as a guide. Just be careful to keep it at a spot that it's sheltered in case it gets water on it from your excitement of having your first over the ground pool.


What makes this Intex 15 x 48 easy set pool ideal is that the set up takes 15 minutes. Inside this time, you will have spread out the pool on level ground and expanded the top ring. After, the pool is prepared to get loaded up with water. The water limit is at 3, 736 gallons at 80 percent. You need it at that sum due to dislodging; the more individuals you have in the pool, the higher the water level goes. The side dividers of the Intex easy set pool are made of super-extreme covered PVC. What makes the durable is that there are three layers consolidated that put the thickness above 20.8 checks. It additionally implies that the divider is tear safe. You would anyway like to keep your flame broiling gear and other sharp articles from the pool as it despite everything is inclined to punctures.

The Intex easy set pool accompanies included wellbeing highlights. In the event that electrical ebb and flow gets exposed to the water, the ground deficiency interrupter sets in and close off the siphon. Water and power have never been best of companions; it assists with knowing should anything turn out badly, you'll be protected.

A viewpoint that makes this specific over the ground pool stand apart from others in the market is the Hydro Aeration innovation utilized. As per the organization, this innovation is changing the Above Ground Pool industry. Why would that be? The explanation behind that will be that during the air circulation process, fine particles that end up in the water, regardless of whether by our issue or the components, bunch together and settle at the base of the pool. When done, it makes it amazingly easy for the filtration framework to expel the dregs.

Something else the Hydro Aeration innovation does is give you shimmering water to swim and play in. It mixes air with the water in the pool, which achieves the oxidation of iron and manganese in the water. The science behind is this: for pool water to be ok for swimming, oxidation needs to occur. It makes possibly hazardous contaminants that wait in the water and changes them into innocuous particles.

Along these lines, oxidation supports the great and reduces the awful in the water. In conclusion, with air circulation, negative particles get discharged and in this manner improving the newness of the air around the pool.

Krystal clear cartridge filter pump

This gadget siphons water at 1, 000 gallons (3, 785 liters) every hour and works at a voltage of somewhere in the range of 110 and 120 volts. The water stream rate in the pool framework remains at 750 gallons for each hour. The channel cartridge on the siphon is easy to clean. You are likewise guaranteed that you are getting an excellent siphon since it fits in with UL (USA) and CSA (Canada) guidelines.

How long it lasts

The Intex pool is truly strong. A few commentators have expressed that it goes on for a considerable length of time. You can swell it season after season, and with appropriate upkeep, it will keep on serving you well.

The Intex pool is an extraordinary expansion to any lawn. It can fit up to seven grown-ups easily; kids can play or swim in the pool.

The pool is shallow enough for pets to swim. It is an excellent decision for sweltering summer seasons and an a lot less expensive choice than an inground pool. Simply set it up on level ground and sprinkle around. You can stash it up after the season or and bring it out when you need it. The pool is so moderate, a few people toss it out after each season and purchase another one.


We as a whole realize that despite everything water deteriorates and welcomes destructive microscopic organisms and different bugs. That isn't the situation with this Intex over the ground pool. It has double suction outlet fittings which are planned to help water dissemination. That implies that your water stays both splendid and clean consistently.

Indeed, even with the way that the whole framework attempts to keep the water clean, there is the thing that you need to do on your part to guarantee that the pool stays clean. Mishaps do occur; your youngster may think they are sufficiently gifted to savor soft drink the pool and wind up learning the inverse is valid.

With regards to depleting out the pool whether to change to water or bring it down, there is a helpful fitting accessible on the pool that permits you to interface it to the nursery hose. Guarantee that you direct this hose away from the house and pool region to abstain from having a wet and sloppy circumstance. When you have clean water in the pool, you likewise need to have your impact in guarding it clean and for swimming consistently.


  • Utilizations Hydro Aeration innovation to keep your pool shining clean
  • Easy to set up
  • Tough pool and stable 
  • Tough and dependable
  • Perfect for families on a tight spending plan


  • Slight liner may require fixing
  • Siphon doesn't have extraordinary suction


At the point when you get an over the ground pool by Intex, be guaranteed you're banding together with a brand that has a decent notoriety. You can, along these lines, buy the Intex 15 x 48 easy set pool and change your mid year days into ones to recall for a lifetime. The pool is anyway on the little side, thus you should treat it with more consideration than the normal over the ground pool to evade punctures, or it breakdown. By and large, it is an excellent go-to pool for those on a tight spending plan.

Intex 15ft X 48in Easy Set Pool

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