Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set Review

This over the ground pool set incorporates all that you have to begin including a channel siphon, stepping stool, ground material, and pool spread. Arrangement is simple and you can have it prepared for water in around 30 minutes. We love the super-extreme covered PVC sidewalls, it makes this pool too strong. This pool incorporates an advantageous channel plug that associates with a nursery hose so water can without much of a stretch be emptied away out of the pool. At the point when this over the ground pool is at 80% limit it holds 5455 gallons of water. We like the additional security highlight that stop the siphon if electrical ebb and flow is presented to water.


Accompanies a water limit of 5455 gallons, which is ideal for your enormous family and incorporates the accompanying adornments

Inbuilt with ground issue interrupter which switches off the siphon consequently when water interacts with electric ebb and flow

Accompanies a top ring that can be effectively expanded inside 10 minutes and loaded up with water so the pool can be prepared for water inside 30 minutes – genuine fast time, without a doubt!

Profoundly sturdy covered PVC utilized for the development of the pool side-dividers

Accompanies a channel plug that can be utilized to deplete out water totally, at whatever point required

New double pull outlet fittings realize legitimate water course in the pool, subsequently keeping the waters clear, new and sterile consistently

Who is it for?

This is now more than what a large portion of even the best over the ground pools can convey. You don't need to stress over the simple set's toughness in light of the fact that the pool's sidewalls are made of covered PVC. This makes it extra solid and tough enough to help the exercises occurring inside the pool.

This all around flawless pool for summer which is a simple arrangement type incorporates stepping stool, ground fabric, pool spread and siphon. It accompanies a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter siphon and this is known for acceptable flow of the water inside. Great water dissemination implies spotless and clear pools throughout the day consistently. What's more, this is accessible in various sizes.

In spite of its reasonable sticker price, what makes this stands apart from the remainder of the pools is that it includes a Ground Fault Interrupter. I think this is the what tops off an already good thing since it naturally kills the pool siphon at whatever point an electrical momentum is presented to the water, which unquestionably is one of purpose behind the positive pool audits. In each circumstance, it is significant consistently to be sheltered.

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  • The pool siphon isn't simply exceptionally solid, yet in addition simple to clean
  • Water clearness ensured consistently, on account of the double pull outlet fittings
  • Accompanies the trademark life span and solidness that you would discover in all pool sets from Intex


  • You need an enormous space to set it up
  • Doesn't get introduced well on free surfaces or sloppy territories


The Intex Easy Set Pool has the size and highlights of a champ. This standard measured pool can hold up to 5455 gallons of water.

In the event that you need truly outstanding over the ground pools for summer yet on a careful spending plan, this Intex simple set pool with a moderate cost is one of your alternatives.

Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

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