Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub Review

As of late, the market for inflatable hot tubs has extended fundamentally. The explanation behind this is the way that numerous individuals are searching for better approaches to engage their visitors and unwind.

At this moment available, there are a plenty of huge hot tubs, intended to situate up to six individuals immediately, however which one is directly for you?

In the wake of examining numerous hot tubs available, I've reached the resolution that the Intex Pure Spa 6-Person inflatable air pocket hot tub is truly outstanding available.

In case you're searching for a huge hot tub with the ability to situate up to six individuals and you're on a tight spending plan, at that point this convenient hot tub may be the ideal tub for you.

Despite the fact that it is huge in size, it's moderately economical, making it an enticing suggestion for some cash cognizant purchasers.


Made with a large number of high quality strands, Fiber-Tech development furnishes predominant basic strength with an agreeable surface. At the point when joined with 3-employ covered material, the external surface of the spa is rock solid and cut safe creation for a more extended lifespan than different spas.

The development is solid, yet the activity and upkeep is basic and simple. Warmed air pockets and a hard water filtration framework give an extravagance water understanding to benefit as much as possible from your spa time. Having the option to change the spa's area or store it away between seasons takes into consideration additional comfort.

For extreme solace, strength, and backing, the side dividers contain 48 Fiber-Tech shafts. This soundness permits you to sit as an afterthought dividers for effortless foot plunging.

The security spread is lockable and completely protected. This permits the water to hold heat for faster, progressively unconstrained use. The spread locks to keep little kids from inadvertently entering the spa and helps in tidiness by keeping out flotsam and jetsam and residue. Two keys are accommodated the locking clasps.

Expected to ensure the spa against punctures and scratches, the ground fabric additionally has warm properties. Consider it a layer of protection between the spa and the ground, which is awesome in cooler climate.

Pure Spa is made by Intex Recreation Corp. Intex has more than 40 years of items and developments dedicated to bringing great items at moderate costs and intended for no particular reason. Intex has exclusive requirements for quality, security, and worth. Intex items are accessible in more than 100 nations around the world.

If you don't mind note that the Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub ought not be set up in a zone that gives direct daylight presentation to broadened timeframes.


Effectively available from inside the spa, the touch button controls are easy to utilize. Alter temperature settings, work the 120 calming bubble flies, or shut off the filtration framework without the need to leave the solace of the spa.

A hard water treatment framework is worked in to the spa. Hard water contains broke up minerals that can obstruct a body's pores making skin become dry and bothered. It can likewise decrease the life of filtration frameworks. The hard water framework ensures the clients just as the spa hardware.

With space for 6 grown-ups, you can welcome loved ones to partake in the magnificent relieving warmth and air pockets. At the point when you have less visitors, the additional room permits you to spread out for all out unwinding.

Upkeep is straightforward with the Pure Spa simple filtration framework. The two cartridges are anything but difficult to supplant. The coasting chlorine gadget keeps the water sheltered and sterile. A 3-way test strip makes testing straightforward, permitting you to screen the free chlorine, pH, and absolute alkalinity levels in the water. Simpler upkeep gives more opportunity to unwind and appreciate the spa.

Speedy set up, kindness of the included pneumatic machine, permits your Pure Spa to be prepared to start filling in around 30 minutes. The guidance manual is clear and has numerous representations to guarantee appropriate set up and establishment of the filtration and air pocket fly frameworks.

Set Up

The Intex PureSpa 6 Person Inflatable Hot tub is a fitting and-play model. This implies it is anything but difficult to set up, and needn't bother with any exceptional instruments or specialized information.

Right off the bat, pick a level zone that is sufficiently huge to take the hot tub. In spite of the fact that the hot tub quantifies more than 7 feet in width, you additionally need to include in any event 2 feet all around for access and cleaning. In this way, you are taking a gander at a zone that is at any rate 11 feet square.

Check the zone is liberated from sharp items, and afterward spread out the warm ground sheet in where you are going to put the hot tub. Spread out the hot tub over the ground sheet, and join the control unit to the hot tub with the inflator hose. Press the inflator button on the computerized control board. It will take around 10 minutes to completely blow up the hot tub. When it is swelled, you can move the hot tub into the specific position utilizing the snatch handles on the sides. At the point when you are cheerful it is in the specific position you need, fill the hot tub with water, utilizing a nursery hose. This will take around 30 to 60 minutes, contingent upon the water pressure.

Hard Water Treatment System

We realize that a significant issue that can in some cases influence inflatable hot tubs is a development of calcium in the engine, blower, and channel framework. This is particularly stressing on the off chance that you live in a hard water zone. A development of calcium can hinder the warming framework and stop up the back rub planes. It additionally abbreviates the life of your inflatable hot tub.

Intex have in this way concoct an incredible answer for this issue, with their in-assembled hard water treatment framework. This works by making an electro-attractive field in the water which turns the calcium and different minerals in the water into precious stones. These precious stones are then sifted through of the hot tub. In addition to the fact that this prevents the development of calcium on the working pieces of the hot tub, it additionally makes the water beautiful and smooth, and a lot kinder on your skin.


  • Strong, solid development
  • High greatest temperature
  • Simple to-keep up
  • Magnificent worth


  • A few clients have announced quality control issues
  • Utilizing air pockets can make the temperature fall


The Intex Pure 6-Person Inflatable hot tub is perfect for individuals who need a generally modest hot tub they can use to engage their visitor.

There's no uncertainty that this hot tub is spending plan well disposed and gives the entirety of the offices you'd typically just observe on a lot better quality tubs. Therefore, it is a convincing recommendation, made even more so by the help and highlights that it accompanies.

In general, I have reached the resolution that this item merits purchasing, on account of its convincing cost and not insignificant rundown of highlights.

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

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