Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

In 2016 the T618 Treadmill landed as the new top model in the Nautilus Performance Series, an assortment of reasonable home treadmills for sprinters. Since the T618 costs only $1,299 at the maximum, we were astonished by its head-to-toe high caliber. Components that help make it an incredible incentive for sprinters incorporate an enormous exercise territory, propelled padding and a 3.5 CHP engine. Furthermore the comfort is stacked with intelligent preparing programs, and the treadmill outline includes delicate drop collapsing innovation for simple stockpiling between exercises.


This Nautilus Performance treadmill is furnished with a 3.5 CHP, hard core engine. It's a consistent obligation engine, made to withstands delayed exercises at most extreme speed without overheating or losing execution, regardless of whether the client is near the greatest weight limit. It is likewise furnished with a little flywheel which adds steadiness to the belt movement.

The engine offers a speed go between 0.5 MPH and 12 MPH. Obviously, speed is balanced only from the support. Similarly concerning slope, you'll discover slow and brisk modification keys for speed. Speed can be balanced in additions of 0.1 MPH. This gives you the likelihood to discover the splendidly fit pace for you, for every exercise.

The machine accompanies a standard U.S. 3-prong plug, not a connector. It requires a 120V 15A power circuit. It's prescribed that the machine is associated with a power circuit exclusively, without different gadgets associated with a similar circuit, to stay away from floods. Likewise, it is anything but an ill-conceived notion to utilize a flood silencer, to avoid any harm to the engines or reassure, in the event that a flood occurs.

Large Display

Exercise progress is appeared with two huge illuminated LCD windows, 3.75″ and 5.5″ wide, with blue lighting. Whenever associated with a tablet PC or cell phone, the T618 can likewise work with full-shading exercise programming.

Frame and deck

The Nautilus T618 treadmill is based on a very durable steel outline, covered with an erosion safe and scratch safe, mechanical evaluation finish. The principle shading utilized for the casing finish is dark, instead of dim utilized for the more seasoned adaptation. The machine's development likewise incorporates a few hard PVC parts, for example, the fronts of the back feet, back roller covers, engine spread, side rails and the frill plate. These, nonetheless, don't have any effect on the machine's general toughness.

Like most treadmills, the Nautilus Performance T618 is a genuinely enormous wellness machine. It takes 72.4″L x 35.2W (184 x 89 cm) of floor space and it requires in any event two feet of leeway on each side, and in any event three feet of freedom at the back for safe activity. Be that as it may, the deck incorporates a crease up instrument. It's furnished with a pressure driven lift which secures it an upstanding position and gives delicate drop unfurling. With the deck collapsed up the machine's length is decreased considerably.

This Nautilus treadmill is significantly overwhelming. It weighs approx. 253.5 lbs (115 kg) when completely amassed; along these lines, its vehicle and gathering require in any event two individuals. Be that as it may, then again, this weight assumes a significant job in its general steadiness. You can be certain that the machine won't wobble, shake or change its position in any event, during the most requesting exercises. In addition, its front metallic base is outfitted with four movable, rubber treated stabilizers, which give you the likelihood to flawlessly level it on a ground surface or asphalt.

High Quality Belt System

Estimated for the long walks of a sprinter, the T618 track surface estimates 20″ wide and 60″ long. The belt turns over 2.75″ breadth rollers, which are bigger than those of the ordinary home treadmill. Enormous rollers help limit commotion and broaden the belt's life.


This treadmill has a slope scope of 0% up to 15%, which is regular among the better treadmills in this value extend.

Workout Programs

A fantastic determination of 26 exercise programs are given, each with an accentuation on cardiovascular perseverance, weight reduction or interim preparing. To encounter RunSocial exercises with vivid gushing visuals, you can match the treadmill with your cell phone or tablet through Bluetooth. Toward the finish of every exercise the machine conveys a wellness score to assist you with evaluating progress.


There is one little fan found just beneath the primary LCD screen. Regardless of the speed, it doesn't put out that a lot of a breeze.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Contact beat screens are incorporated with the handrails, in addition to the Nautilus T618 is perfect with a remote chest tie (included).

Safety Mode

For wellbeing you can utilize the treadmill's cord or retractable rope, which will stop the belt in the event that you lose balance. The machine additionally has an enormous "Stop" button.


The T618 can overlay up with little exertion on your part as there is a water driven framework to aid the collapsing and bringing down procedure. The handle to bring down the deck is effectively available, much like SOLE treadmills.


The Nautilus T618 is a light business quality treadmill outfitted with a 3.5 CHP engine, and programmed slant (0-15%), with a strong deck ready to help clients up to 350 lbs. Its support offers 26 exercise programs, additionally being Bluetooth empowered enabling you to utilize the Nautilus Trainer 2 application. It's a running machine made for clients all things considered, ideal for light to extreme cardio exercises, weight reduction, interims, quality and stamina improvement and so forth. Lastly, it costs in any event a couple $100s not exactly different machines with a comparative scope of highlights, however without the loss of value.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill

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