ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill Review

The ProForm Smart Performance is best in class in the Performance treadmill arrangement; which is the section level for ProForm treadmills. It is for walkers and joggers, not for experienced sprinters. Furthermore, in that capacity, it is a good, moderate decision. It has a 2.75 persistent obligation pull engine, a 14" show screen and a 18" x 60 " running deck; all of which function admirably to view and utilize the 50 on-board programs, or the 12, 000 or more iFit sessions. You can screen your pulse with the grasp contact sensor and keep cool with the implicit fan. With every one of these highlights joined it's a nice section level treadmill.

Display screen

The 14" touchscreen makes it much increasingly amusing to see the territories by means of Google maps or your educators while they persuade you.


The 2.75 CHP Mach Z Commercial engine will give amazing, solid use for walkers, joggers and sprinters the same. This business evaluation engine will consistently get you the power you need, in a calm bundle so you won't upset everyone around you. The sturdiness of this engine is supported by a lifetime guarantee, so you realize it's prepared to do whatever you need.


0-12 mph – The speed range is sufficient for strolling or running.


The grade range goes from - 2 to 10%. The decrease is another element to the Performance arrangement, one that adds to conditioning and the test. The 10% grade is standard to the different treadmills, and is low for some which is the reason the development with the decay includes only enough of an additional range to bring it up a score. Also, on the off chance that you are on the application, following on landscape, it can give you a more genuine feeling of the land while building your cardio and perseverance.

Running Surface

The 60" length on the SMART Performance 800i provides the additional creeps to make it agreeable for tall clients or those with a more extended walk length. In any case, the 18" width leaves a little to be wanted at a model in this cost range. Contrasted with the 20" widths you can discover on some different brands, this may feel somewhat confined for certain clients.

Heart Rate Monitor

The EKG Grip Pulse Sensor is strategically located to screen your pulse, without breaking your walk or fixation.

2” speakers

Here and there music, somewhat stronger is spurring, or perhaps it is the teacher driven video on the application – whichever, the 2" speaker will make everything sound that vastly improved.

50 built in programs

Regardless of whether you aren't utilizing the iFit innovation, the SMART Performance 800i has 50 pre-modified exercises prepared for you to utilize. Regardless of what you are in the state of mind for, or what you want to concentrate on, there is an exercise hanging tight for you.


The fan incorporated with the SMART Performance 800i is of good quality, with two speed choices. In the event that you are perspiring intensely, this current treadmill's fan may not be sufficient.

ProShox Cushioning

This is the standard padding that can be found on most ProForm models. This padding framework shields your joints from the ordinary mileage related with running.

Space Saver with EasyLift Assist​​​​​​​​​​

Anybody with a littler living space will surely value the space saver plan. Simple collapsing enables clients to rapidly and securely store your treadmill away from prying eyes and small fingers. Furthermore, the EasyLift Assist implies that set-up and capacity of the SMART Performance 800i is a breeze.


Worked to satisfy the necessities of walkers, joggers and sprinters the same, the SMART Performance 800i joins the performance you need with the innovation to keep you inspired.

The 2.75 CHP Mach Z Commercial engine can stay aware of anything you put in. While incredible, this engine is additionally intended to downplay the commotion. This is ideal for those that offer a living space or are worried about upsetting people around them.

The 12mph max speed and - 2%-10% grade work with the dependable engine to enable clients to propel themselves anyway they see fit. The - 2% decay truly gives you a chance to get a progressively sensible feel when you are running those courses that incorporate slopes. This is extraordinary is you are utilizing the intelligent innovation to look over courses far and wide.

Regardless of whether you appreciate long separation running, speed interims or exceptional HIIT preparing, the SMART Performance 800i is capable. The ProShox Cushioning will likewise help ensure your joints when you are placing in those miles.

All things considered, in case you're searching for a machine that will give performance to progressively strenuous exercises, alongside the innovation fancy odds and ends that you cherish, the ProForm SMART Performance 800i might be exactly what you're seeking after.

ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill

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