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In case you're searching for a simple and reasonable approach to keep your home clean however you don't have a great deal of time to do as such, consider buying a robot vacuum. Only a couple of years prior purchasing a keen robot vacuum would have slowed down you a cool fabulous, however not any longer. Presently you can get a strong cleaning robot vacuum for not exactly a large portion of that.

One robot vacuum you should seriously mull over is the Shark ION S87. This robot vacuum is novel in that it accompanies the vacuum itself alongside a handheld choice too. It this robot vacuum the one you had always wanted? We should bring a more profound jump into what the Shark S87 brings to the table to discover.


The RV851WV robot vacuum is round fit as a fiddle like numerous robot vacuums. As roundabout units can't get into corners they will in general be structured with turning side brushes to handle that issue.

The size of the robot is 12.8 x 12.5 x 3.4 inches making it marginally slimmer than the Roomba 690 which is 3.6 crawls in stature. This enables it to get underneath things of your furniture that have around a 4 inch freedom so if your couch is substantial to move this can eliminate the residue that can accumulate underneath.

It has huge enough wheels to move between various floor types or over edges without issue. Despite the fact that it can work with Alexa and with your cell phone utilizing the Shark application there are a few fastens on the highest point of the vacuum so you can physically send it to clean. It has a huge limit with regards to earth assortment holding 0.66 dry quarts of soil.

Two Vacuums in One

The Shark S87 robot vacuum is a group that incorporates a handheld battery-worked vacuum and a robot vacuum with a charging station. On the off chance that you incline toward not to have the group, be that as it may, you can buy the handheld and the robot independently from each other. Be that as it may, when you buy the S87 framework as a group, you get a charging station which enables you to charge the two vacuums simultaneously instead of utilizing separate charging stations.

The Shark S87 isn't the most costly robot vacuum available, and it remembers two vacuums for one framework. Obviously, this mostly makes one wonder, how great is the presentation and nature of the vacuums? Does the S87 truly give two strong vacuums in a solitary group? The short answer is that indeed, both the robot vacuum and the handheld stand up alone legitimacy.

Powerful suction - Short battery life

Shark asserts the suction on the ION R85 robot vacuum is multiple times more dominant on max mode than it is on its ancestor, the Shark ION R75. We saw the suction on the R85 as great, yet it is in no way, shape or form as ground-breaking as an upstanding Shark vacuum, similar to the Shark Rotator Lift Away. The suction on the R85 robot confronts other robot vacuums in this value go, even the Roomba 690. On max mode, it is somewhat better.

While the suction is great, the battery life comes up short. The robot vacuum has a 14.4 V Li-particle 2550 mAh battery with a normal runtime of an hour. It takes three hours to charge the battery. Cheap contenders like the iLife A7 have a more drawn out run time of three hours. The handheld is comparative in that it has amazing suction and a short battery life. The suction on the handheld is genuinely motivating for a vacuum that little. The Shark W1 beats different vacuums as far as its capacity, stylish, and structure, be that as it may, once more, its battery life could be better.

Onboard Controls and Indicators

Shark doesn't offer an infrared remote with the S87 robot vacuum cleaning framework. Be that as it may, there are a couple disconnected controls on the robot. One catch starts and stops a vacuuming session, another catch expands the robot's suction control and the third catch sends the robot to its charging dock.

You can likewise take a gander at the robot vacuum's faceplate to get status alarms. There are a few markers that enlighten when a blunder happens. Also, a triple-bar pointer light gives you a thought of where the battery's charge level stands.

Wi-Fi Enabled

In spite of the fact that Shark isn't the main robot vacuum producer to offer cell phone control, the Shark ION Robot application's format is cleaner than most. A history log allows you the day, time and cycles of each cleaning session. There is additionally a segment for setting a mechanized vacuuming plan on a seven-day premise.

With this application introduced on your iPhone or Android, you can in a flash start a cleaning session from home, during your drive to work or while in the midst of a get-away. The application likewise gives you a chance to stop a cleaning session on a clock and find the robot on the off chance that you can't discover it.

An Alexa or Assistant center point takes vacuuming to a totally without hands level. Utilizing only your voice, you can advise your menial helper to begin or stop a cleaning session. On the off chance that you need to take care of the robot, essentially state "dock," and it's finished.


The Shark Ion RV851WV utilizes 2 turning side brushes and a self-cleaning brushroll underneath to clear the earth, hair and flotsam and jetsam from the floor into the suction through the channel and stores it into the interior dustbin. There is a programmed cleaning mode that the robot vacuum will utilize yet you have the choice to utilize a Max mode on the off chance that you need additional suction, particularly valuable on floor coverings or filthy zones.

The Shark robot vacuum isn't excessively loud when in the programmed cleaning mode and somewhat more uproarious in the Max mode however no in excess of a standard vacuum cleaner would seem like.

The sensors let the unit realize where items are found like the couch or dividers. On the facade of the robot is a touchy knock sensor to stop the robot colliding with your furnishings and the drop sensors on the base stop it tumbling down the stairs.

In the event that there are zones you don't need your vacuum to go whether it is the place the majority of your electrical ropes are arranged or regions it may stall out you can utilize the Botboundary strip that is incorporated which repulses the robot and secures regions you may want to clean with the handheld more clean.

A Self-Cleaning Brushroll

No robot vacuum can clean a high-heap covered floor without a brushroll. For the most part, the drawback to a brushroll is the upkeep (trimming endlessly firmly wrapped hair and string). Shark spares you a huge amount of time and exacerbation by making the brushroll on the S87's robot self-cleaning. This implies it evacuates the tangles for you.

The robot likewise has two brushes – one on either edge. These side-clearing brushes turn toward the suction delta to gather soil and garbage. They additionally make your baseboards look incredible and expel development from divider corners.

Dual Charging Base

Within the robot vacuum and the handheld vacuum, there is a lithium-particle battery. For the most part, the robot can vacuum for a whole hour on a full charge. At the point when it's a great opportunity to renew the battery, the robot drives and docks to the charging base; the energizing procedure for the robot's 14.4-volt battery can take as long as 3 hours.

Shark remembered an assigned spot for the handheld vac for the charging base, so you don't have two docks to discover space for in your home. At the point when the battery is low or you aren't utilizing the hand vac, you can push it into its support.


Standing 3.4 inches, the robot vacuum isn't the tallest model available, yet it likewise isn't the most limited. At this stature, the robot can fit under futons and high-sitting bed outlines. The 12.8-inch-wide robot vacuum is secured by a multi-pivot guard, so your furniture remains in politeness if there should arise an occurrence of coincidental contact.

The most significant size component of a handheld vacuum is its weight. At 1.4 pounds, this hand vac is featherlight, making it a breeze to lift over your head and heft around your home.


In case you're searching for a strong and dependable robot vacuum that you can get up at a reasonable value, the Shark S87 may be the correct decision for you. In the event that offers two vacuums in a single framework, and both work superbly at what they're intended to do.

The best advantage of the Shark S87 robot vacuum framework is that it incorporates two vacuums. The handheld and the robot vacuum are quality vacuums that take care of business. The pair doesn't occupy a great deal of space in your home and offer great highlights for clients hoping to get into the brilliant robot vacuum showcase.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87

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