WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Review

A drill press is a fundamental device that you need when taking care of carpentry ventures. In the event that you are searching for a dependable drill press, I would prescribe you to attempt Wen 4214. This is a useful asset from a respectable brand that has been available since 1951.

This drill press isn't just a penetrating machine utilized for creating openings through thick and overwhelming form materials, yet it likewise bears witness to the solid quality that Wen gives all through in its items. This wen 4214 audit will feature a portion of this drill press' best highlights.

It has brilliant highlights like the laser managing framework and table light that uncover that it was worked for exactness. Point of fact, it will skim through the work piece like a hot cutting edge through margarine. Let us have a top to bottom audit of this device with the goal that you can decide whether it suits your requirements.


Regardless of being estimated to engage specialists, the WEN looks proficient, and its style are all matter of fact. A significant part of the press is built of cast iron, making it both substantial and rock solid.

The greater part of the manufacture demonstrates tender loving care, in spite of the fact that there are a couple of minor issue: The table tilts, permitting you to bore workpieces on a point (45 degrees left and right). Notwithstanding, the tilt point is bolted out by a hex head jolt underneath the table, which makes it difficult to access for fixing and extricating. WEN utilizes instrument free securing screws with handles three different places on the press, and I wish they would've utilized another here.

The three handles on the feed (which brings down the drill) were more than I required, yet fortunately the producer acknowledged not every person will like having each of the three, so you can without much of a stretch unscrew at least one. I took out two of the three handles and thought that it was a lot simpler to work along these lines, and the solitary handle never disrupted the general flow.


A drill press has its capacity showed by pull or HP for short. The WEN 4214 has an inductive engine of 2/3 HP and evaluated at 5-Amp. At this rating, that is an acceptably amazing drill press that has enough capacity to penetrate through anything from low-thickness wood to high-thickness metal sheets.

Obviously, as long as the suitable boring tool is retrofitted to the gadget. You don't need a failing to meet expectations drill press, particularly when working with metal sheets. It can cause slows down or an amateurish completion as a result of an absence of torque at the boring apparatus. Fortunately, this won't be an issue with this model as it will make an ideal and smooth machined-completed drill gap in both wood and metal sheets

Adjustable Speeds

I discovered I couldn't just depend on this drill press to give high speeds, yet I could generally alter the shaft speeds if necessary to suit my requirements. The high speeds referenced emerge from the engine. The drill press has movable velocities of somewhere in the range of 530 and 3100 rpm. The mechanical variable rates take into consideration uniform force and torque all through the drill press for uniform outcomes.

The flexible speeds likewise permit the client to adjust to the workpiece to productively penetrate through it. The variable speeds likewise lock in position, and you won't need to correct them each time. It shows the manual information speeds on a little LED show board. The LED show board shows the present speeds on the drill press all through the whole activity. The paces are flexible utilizing a switch.


The size will decide whether the drill press is reasonable for your motivations or not. In the event that the drill press is excessively little, it can't fit bigger materials. It will rely upon the size of the material that you work with.

This model has a throat profundity of 12-inch. This implies it will happily penetrate to a limit of 6 creeps from the edge of the stock material. Past 6 inches, your material will slam into the segment of the drill press. Its 12-inch throat profundity is more than sufficient for generally expert or home use, contingent upon material size.

Notwithstanding the throat profundity, the Wen 4214 has a liberal 9-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches cast-iron table. You can put genuinely huge materials on it and alongside its 3-1/8 inches axle travel; you can bore in thick material too.


The drill press is flexible, and extra discretionary adornments may likewise be utilized. These incorporate circle cutters, drum sanders, and mortising connections. You can add an additional accomplice to the shaft is a planer, and this might be utilized to cover up the wooden surface.


Making inclined drills with this model is likewise simple. The table can tilt 45-degree to one side and 45-degree to one side. When tilted, it can undoubtedly be secured position.


One thing that we like about the WEN 12 drill press is its development quality. It is generally produced using metal, which implies that it is an entirely tough drill press that is worked to last.

Easy to use

I found that this drill press is from multiple points of view worked to be easy to use. From how simple to amass the drill press was to how helpfully the machine used switches as opposed to pulleys and belts to what extent it served me without separating. This machine is very noteworthy.

The get together should effortlessly be possible without the manual in less than an hour on the off chance that you are precisely disapproved as the machine is halfway pre-amassed and just a couple of principle parts should be fixed. It is this convenience that makes this drill press a beneficial speculation.


Generally, in the event that you are scanning for a durable drill press which can deal with most materials and sizes, at that point Wen 4214 is a superb decision. Wen 4214 audit portrays some basic highlights so you can profit by this machine.

We like the way that it has an enlistment engine which creates plentiful force and torque to meet your requirements, and we likewise value the system that conveys quality outcomes without fail.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

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