XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike Review

Folding exercise bikes are top-positioned in arrangements of current fitness machines accessible in the worldwide markets. Fitness Exercise bikes are phenomenal for a wide range of effort, on the off chance that you either need to play out a little cardio, or in the event that you incline toward HIIT.

The ubiquity of the XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding exercise bicycle is owed to its transportability and usability, since most recent costumer patterns direct that a machine ought to be light, tough, or more all compact, and should not take up a great deal of massive space. This machine appreciates entirely positive evaluations by the two experts and tenderfoots of the fitness business alike. This is to a limited extent because of its rundown of great highlights, and in light of the fact that it conveys a simple, open approach to condition your leg, calf and lower leg muscles, all inside the solace and accommodation of your own home.


The XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding exercise bicycle measures at measurements of 50.5" x 20.5" x 20" when collapsed, which means you can without much of a stretch store it away in your modest storage room or store when not required, which is made simpler with the inherent transport wheels.

The bicycle weighs 42.3 lbs and can continue a greatest load of 220 lbs, in spite of the fact that there have been client audits asserting weight surpassing as far as possible is additionally in all respects effectively supported. The bicycle has a strong, X-outline structure which is both insignificant and effective, which means your focal point of gravity is immovably kept up.

The casing is made of thick steel tubing that gives the important solidness and quality as your exercise. The bicycle includes a quiet belt drive framework, which guarantees no aggravating commotion for any by-standers as you work the machine. The bicycle does not accompany levelers, which means you should guarantee amassing it on a dimension surface before working out so that there is no wobbling. The lower rearward sitting arrangement returns cushioned with a cushion, and thick cushioned seat, just as cushioned seat handles, all intended to guarantee an agreeable client experience by permitting an auxiliary seat position which will keep you cycling for more.

Drive system

Since it's a light-limit exercise bicycle, the XTERRA Fitness FB350 doesn't have a super-substantial flywheel. It weighs approx. 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) and has a reasonable structure so as to give a smooth accelerating movement. It is likewise bi-directional, which means it offers the likelihood to pedal backward. Be that as it may, you can't drift on the bicycle; when accelerating backward, the obstruction stays consistent.

The bicycle's inward drivetrain utilizes a v-belt. This being stated, the accelerating movement is totally quiet. It additionally does not require grease as a chain transmission. The crankset highlights strong steel arms. The included pedals have a metallic center and a tough, non-slip ABS surface. They're weighted, and furthermore furnished with movable lashes, so you can verify your feet.

In spite of the fact that the crankset is entirely sturdy, standing up on the pedals isn't suggested. Not just that it might prompt inordinate inside wear, however because of the casing structure, the position would likewise be exceptionally unbalanced and may prompt losing balance.

The bicycle has a truly tight Q-Factor (dispersing between the pedals). Its definite measurement isn't determined, however it ought to be somewhere close to 150-160 mm. This being stated, your feet are normally situated on the pedals and there isn't any extra horizontal weight on the knees and lower legs during accelerating concerning bikes with a more extensive Q-Factor.


The Xterra FB350 exercise bicycle includes a mechanical attractive opposition framework. This being stated, it doesn't require an outside power source. Additionally, the reassure assumes no job in the opposition change.

The bicycle's obstruction framework comprises of a little attractive brake which is connected to the dial at the highest point of the front piece of the edge through a steel wire. By turning the dial clockwise, the brake draws nearer to the flywheel which results in an expanded accelerating trouble.

The unit makes accessible 8 dimensions of opposition. The first is truly light, extraordinary for recuperation preparing, or heating up. On the other hand, the eighth dimension provides a discernable expanded pedal pressure, giving you the likelihood to achieve a higher cardiovascular rate in a shorter timeframe.


The bicycle's handlebar is non-flexible. It connects straightforwardly to the front piece of the fundamental casing component by means of two jolts. Its side segments are secured by a layer of elastic froth material so as to give an agreeable and secure grasp. It offers the likelihood to embrace a few grasps, including parallel hold, close grasp, or front grasp.

The side holds of the handlebar are furnished with metallic heartbeat sensors. In this manner, on the off chance that you clutch them while accelerating, the meter unit can track and show your heartbeat rate.


The bicycle's seat is like the one on the FB150 model. It is approx. 14″ (35 cm) wide, and has a molded surface to give ideal solace. It doesn't incorporate air-cell padding, for example, the seat on the Exerpeutic 4000, be that as it may, it has an inward layer of froth cushioning. Its top is made of strong vinyl material with a manufactured work fix at the back.

The backrest is connected to a tough, double section. It's not incredibly enormous but rather has a thick layer of froth cushioning. It gives superb lumbar help, and can likewise overlap over the seat when the bicycle is collapsed for capacity. The seat is 2-path customizable (up, down). Its post highlights 7 modification scores. It's intended to oblige clients somewhere in the range of 4'10" and 5'10" (147 – 178 cm), and up to a weight of 225 lbs (102 kg).


  • Versatile and simple to utilize
  • Fairly sturdy frame – can bolster clients up to 225 lbs
  • Enormous seat for ideal solace, offering 2-way movability
  • Multi-grasp handlebar with heartbeat sensors
  • Weighted pedals, with adjustable straps
  • Save-space fold design
  • Almost no upkeep required


  • Comes without preset projects
  • No backdrop illumination on the fitness meter
  • No tablet holder


The XTERRA Fitness FB 350 Folding Exercise Bike is a machine that has delighted in significant achievement and fame in the fitness advertise, mostly because of its moderate cost and noteworthy rundown of highlights, particularly the commotion free attractive obstruction it offers, just as its steel-tube X-outline which is both light and solid, and how about we not overlook the simplicity of versatility and capacity which is a major victor for this XTERRA model.

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

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